5 Ways to Profit From Your Unsold Handmade Products

By | December 6, 2016

Have you ever made something so beautiful and ingenious that everyone’s loving up and praising your creativity to the high heavens; yet it comes as a big surprise that this item spends so long on the shelf and gathers dust because nobody wants to buy it? What?! :O

I’m sure this has happened to most of us at some point.

For one, it’s important that you do not just make cool stuff, but study the trends and make cool stuff that have a market. Unless you’re making them solely for your own delight, that is. Sometimes, you just want to let your ideas loose and create without thought for market dynamics, yeah?

Well, if you missed that memo and have made a beautiful product that no one wants to buy (yet), do not despair. Such products are not a waste, no! Here are a few things you can do with your leftover or non-selling handmade products:

    1. Re-purpose, re-purpose, re-purpose. With a few tweaks, a home décor item like the throw pillow can become a travel neck pillow or a funny stuffed toy. Or couple several of them together to make a pouf. An unwanted bead necklace can become bridal head chains or themed bracelets etc.
    2. Make combo packages – combine a few unsold products with other fast-moving ones and market it as a combo deal. The fast movers will sell the package so long as it is a good deal for your customers. I once did this with some lifestyle products that I combined with FM perfumes in a fragrance hamper for Christmas sales.

handmade products

  1. Document. Even though it doesn’t get sold, it contributes to your creative portfolio. Do you have one? Keep all of your product photos and videos in secure files and have one or two backups. They form your mouthpiece/ resume for potential clients and investors; they tell your story and show your depth.
  2. Showcase. Perhaps your mind travelled far ahead of the trends and you made a truly ingenious work that you believe has the potential to catch on in a short while, please hang it up in your space, take a lot of photos and showcase it all you can. Take it to shows and exhibitions, then await your moment of glory.
  3. Donate. You could donate your product to a school, hospital, government office, or business premise. Be sure to add your brand details to it so interested people know how to contact you.
  4. Have you found other ways to profitably use your unsold handmade products? Do share in the comments.


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