Nigerian Art Auction Market Made N286.6m In 2013

The Nigerian art market is looking up, as it made total sales of N286.6million in 2013, a 21.8 percent increase, compared with the N232million sales in 2012, although experts say it was undermined by poor cash flow in the season. This, analysts say is not a surprise, as interest in Nigerian contemporary art, which began to gain momentum… Read More »

Routines or Not

To a lot of creative people the word “Routine” sounds like dull, monotony,  unexciting, task, and other drab words. It sounds un-creative, to say the least. So I find it interesting that the same word is generating as much debate as I observe in creative and entrepreneurial circles even now. This piece explores a very interesting discourse. One… Read More »

On A Learning Spree

I reckon most creative people go through a phase of self-discovery, where you try your hands – or feet – at several things; variants of your art. Even at that, a person should be known for something(s) in the long run. I once heard someone speak on the subject of ‘Mastery’. I’m still trying to find my old… Read More »