On The Successify Project

Not long ago, I met a truly inspired young lady from Romania. It was on a discussion forum during an online course that we both participated in. Our common interest and what drew us to each other was our love for creativity. We both expressed a vision to nurture the innovative tendencies that are rife in our respective… Read More »

Pillow Talk

My creative journey continues.. I was inspired to make these sometime ago when I stumbled on a decor catalog online. I think it was from somewhere in the east. They are my first attempts at pillow talk, sorry pillow making :). And yea, there is my sister – the model


Don’t we all mostly think that something must be novel and all new before it is termed creative? I know I used to. Many definitions exist for creativity, but terms like ‘original’, ‘invent’, ‘new’ and ‘novel’, resound in all of them. According to Henry Miller, a writer – “Creativity is the occurrence of a composition which is both… Read More »

Creative Expressions

So I got swamped with exams, training and stuff, and I have decided to serve you with some of my creative expressions -Bead stringing- on the go.  The topics are piling up and we’ll get exploring again soon, but this is how we start the celebration of our creativity. Enjoy!