Why You Must Buy Handmade, Aside Growing The Economy

By | December 14, 2016

Have you heard about the ongoing campaign for you (yes, You) to #BuyHandmadeThisChristmas? Well, if you didn’t, now you have. And this post is about six reasons that you should indeed buy handmade products as you shop gifts for friend, family, or colleague; or even just go giving yourself a much-needed wardrobe boost!

Now to be fair, mass-produced products are good because they fill the huge worldwide demand for those products. Handmade products on the other hand, come in smaller quantities and really are not meant for everybody, so if you’re the type that looks to stand out rather than blend.. Just look around, more people everywhere are embracing the uniqueness of handmade accessories.

These here are 6 reasons to buy handmade, if you still need convincing:

  1. A handmade product is the expression of a creative spirit – it’s got soul and there is a story in its colour, texture, shape, or maybe even the cute box that it came in. Sometimes, you buy Handmade because you see a bit of yourself in it. By nature, the human spirit is creative and will naturally gravitate towards a kindred spirit.
    Okay. Let’s not get into psychoanalysis 😀 Handmade gifts are more thoughtful and treasured than the mass-produced alternatives. Period.
    buy handmade
  2. Crafters like other artists, do what they do, first out of passion. I know this, I practically need to beg some of them to make a profit from their work. They just want to create because it gives them joy.. crafting is therapeutic, you need to try it!
    Handmade products get assembled in this atmosphere of love and joy, beautiful virtues that somehow find their way into every string and stitch of the end product. Now who doesn’t want that kind of energy in their space? Remember, good vibes only.
  3. We say it time and again; anything handmade is unique and no two items are exactly same. Copied handmade work will have variations in texture, colour, shade, stitching etc. When you own a handmade piece, you can take pride in the knowledge that it is really one-of-a-kind J
  4. Each handmade item is made from the heart; some thought and emotion went into its creation. The story of its conception, when told by its maker, makes it all the more special and this is why handmade products make the most heart-warming gifts. Ask your crafter for the story behind the piece, if it isn’t already stated. It qualifies as your little bonus 😉
  5. Handmade affirms and embraces human potential and give their maker a voice that otherwise, may never be heard. When you buy handmade, you embrace that human voice and when it is replicated across board, you validate individuals, and a nation is empowered – to be more and to do more.
  6. The crafting of handmade products causes the maker to self-explore, digging into erstwhile passive creativity and resourcefulness. When you buy handmade, you’re promoting our self-awareness as a people; our pride as a nation

Well, what are you still waiting for? Go on and #BuyHandmadeThisChristmas boo!

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