Meet the Craftstar: Lois Ozidu of Terelois World

By | July 21, 2016

This here is one determined young lady whose passion for her craft is so tangible you can practically feel it. Being with her is an experience that entails a beautiful mix of passionate vibes, even beyond her work..

Yes, I have known her for a while and the drive to achieve excellence in the business of her craft sets her apart in my estimation. She is the host of Beads and Life, a weekly series that airs on Twitter where she shares life lessons from a beadmaker’s perspective.

I would watch out for her if I were you! Do sit back and read my chat with Lois Ozidu of Tereloisworld.

MCM: Tell us about yourself and introduce your business venture briefly

My name is Lois Ozidu. I am the creative director of Tereloisworld. Tereloisworld is a Nigerian indigenous fashion company with a global vision to promote the “African-ness” of the black belle and make her stand out in today’s world through fashion and accessories, specifically beads.

We prioritize the appearance of the woman, because image and perception will always be important. We sell class, confidence and style with our jewellery pieces and create an unforgettable experience for our clients.

MCM: Impressive! When and how did you get into your craft business?

I have always liked to work with my hands and have been involved in sewing and decoration but beading is my 1st love. Lol. I started making beads unofficially in 2013 and more seriously in 2014/2015. I am largely self-taught but I know the importance of always being open to learn.

MCM: What inspires your designs?

My designs are inspired by God, nature, the sky, other talented crafters. Many things inspire my designs.

MCM: Share your instances of discouragement, if any. What made you stick with it?

Discouragement plenty ooo (Lol); however, a major one I recall was when someone I looked up to ridiculed my dreams and business. It was very painful but it made me resolve to be the best at what I do. I am not there yet but I am well on my way. Smiles.

MCM: That’s the spirit, babes. What sets your work apart from others in your niche?

What sets me apart from others in my niche is my attention details, excellent customer service and ability to take the same piece, tweak it and make it different. I am always inspired by the words of Fela Durotoye “Let your content be rock solid and your packaging be wow”.

MCM: Share your most memorable moment since you started out in business

Most memorable moment was when a client trusted me to make some pieces for her without seeing my works before. She trusted the person who referred her. It was a very wonderful feeling.

MCM: Where do you plan to take this to?

I plan to take this from city to city and nation to nation. Tereloisworld is going global by God’s grace.

MCM: Your present challenges?  And what improvement would you like to see in the Nigerian creative space?

Challenges… hmmm. Lack of adequate power supply, not enough craft fairs and some times competition instead of collaboration. I will to see more collaboration between crafters and also craft fairs to be easily accessible and affordable.

MCM: Describe your concept of creativity; mention any habit(s) of yours that contribute to your creative output?

Creativity is a courageous act… Okay seriously, creativity for me is when your mind can think of different ways to achieve something. Creativity starts with the mind. Also a creative person hardly watches TV without making something. Lol

MCM: How would you encourage aspiring/new creative business owners?

I will encourage them to ensure that they are very convinced of what they want to do. There will always be naysayers so conviction is key. Also, they should plan ahead not to expect profit in the 1st few months.


And that is the passionate Terelois herself. Terelois world is listed on our Craft Business Directory  and is supported by the Multicreativeme blog. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below ‘cos she’ll be reading them.

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I am always inspired by the words of Fela Durotoye “Let your content be rock solid and your packaging be wow”. – Terelois

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