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In Focus: Meet Africa’s leading women-led artisan enterprises

Almost exactly one year ago, the #ChooseArtisan campaign was launched by the prestigious Aspen Institute and the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise in the US. The aim was to get the world to recognise the real importance and value of artisan enterprise in contributing to global economic development, poverty alleviation and women’s economic empowerment. The campaign certainly got people… Read More »

Liza Lou: What You Can Do With ’50 Million Glass Beads’

Have you ever imagined what you would do with about 50 million glass beads and ample time on your hands? And no, you may not sell them 🙂 . Here’s an account of one woman’s amazing work; Liza Lou has carved a niche for herself with her rare art installations that incorporate several millions of tiny beads and… Read More »

Hyacinth Handicrafts… From Mitimeth With Love

Mitimeth is on my radar this week! It is totally exciting that somebody found a way to create beautiful accessories and useful decor items out of the nuisance water weeds that grow everywhere on our water bodies in Nigeria. Yes, that pretty-looking water hyacinth is a major headache source for the people that live around water! Because of… Read More »

Senior Citizen Creates Beautiful Murals of Birds With Firewood

Somebody actually saw and explored the aesthetic beauty in good old stacks of firewood, creating a masterpiece without even meaning to. Using the natural hues and shading of rough-cut firewood as the paints of his artist’s palette, 82-year-old Gary Tallman transformed his woodpile into a work of art that attracted the admiration of the internet when he was… Read More »

Mind-blowing Creativity by Victor Nunes

He is a Portuguese artist whose work exemplifies the refrain ‘Nothing is impossible’. According to my notes, he is a true Creative because he can see limitless potentials in mundane objects that we use everyday and don’t even give a second glance. Like, did you ever think that your faithful scissors could become a bicycle? Or that your… Read More »

12 Unbelievable Re-Uses Of Plastic Bottles

Empty plastic bottles constitute waste… or so we think. Some individuals however, have gone a step (or several) further to creatively re-purpose them and you wouldn’t believe the results. Going through this, you get to appreciate the endless possibilities available in the most common and mundane things around us. Creativity simply requires you to look at things with… Read More »