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Why You Must Buy Handmade, Aside Growing The Economy

Have you heard about the ongoing campaign for you (yes, You) to #BuyHandmadeThisChristmas? Well, if you didn’t, now you have. And this post is about six reasons that you should indeed buy handmade products as you shop gifts for friend, family, or colleague; or even just go giving yourself a much-needed wardrobe boost! Now to be fair, mass-produced… Read More »

Catch Up! Photos From The Adire Heritage Festival

The just-concluded Adire Heritage Festival in Lagos is a maiden edition, but you wouldn’t know it for the very colorful and culture-rich event that it was. Organizers, Iroko Awards International are clearly on to something here and I hope that they milk it well. Four lines of exhibition stands surrounded a central space on the grassy lawn of… Read More »